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The Last F.A.Q.

1. What is The Last?

The Last is a community of gamers, mature in attitude and nature, who are mindful, respectful, generous, gregarious and appreciative of their other members. The Last is a place for those that have been through the guild circuit before and have seen pieces of what they would consider a good community and have later seen those communities die out due to any one or more of a myriad of reasons (DKP, poor leadership, loot rule indescrepancies, political maneuvering, dramatics, etc.). The Last is a place for those that are looking for more of a friendship-based gaming experience; a place where you can come to feel comfortable and game as you wish with friends, without having the pressures of other raiding-style guilds, all the while knowing that there are many serious gamers here as well as more laid-back gamers who will advance in games, with no pressure to do so. It is truly a mature gamer's guild that prides itself on respect, friendship, loyalty, community and fun.

2. What is a Community of Gamers?

A community of gamers is one that spans more than one game under the same guild name, in this case. There will be many games coming out that we will be interested in, and no one game is more important than the next, because what IS important is the community of people being built here. Everyone will get a chance to know one another in different games and will be welcome wherever they go. When a member of The Last moves from one game to another, they will be welcomed into that division of the guild with open arms. The entire point of our community of gamers is to ensure that we will always have someone wonderful to game with, someone we can know and trust, and to build up those bonds.

There are other perks of being a community of gamers which come in the form of beta invites and the like. Truthfully, though, the biggest perk of all is knowing that you have a place to go where everyone knows you when a new game does come out. As gamers, we find it appealing to try many flavors out there and do play actively in more than one game.

3. Why was The Last founded?

The Last was founded by a core group of friends who had all been in several successful guilds throughout many different games who had decided that they wanted to make a place that was more about friendships and less about the actual games themselves. It was founded to give a place to be, literally, The Last guild that would ever be necessary for them and for others who shared that same goal/vision of what a community should be. It was formed absent of politics and sworn upon to uphold that particular theme. It was formed as a community of friends, by friends, as a place for people of mature mind to come, enjoy themselves, and not be pressured by some of the constraints that other communities/guilds put on people to "keep up with the Jonses".

4. Who are the Founders in The Last

The Founders in the Last are Degarmo and Zara.  Each has been a guild leader at one time or another and have years of experience with people in this setting.  

5. What games do we play?

Currently The Last is playing Guild Wars 2, SW:TOR and Sword Coast Legends, among other betas, etc..  We will have interest in other upcoming games as well, but for the time being, our game presence is limited to the aforementioned.

There are also many other games that we are interested in outside of MMO's that we may play from time to time, but are not heavily invested in. These games include some FPS games, RTS games, and the like.

This area is updated, so there are games that The Last did play previously that we no longer have a contingent in that are not mentioned here.

6. Who are we looking for?

We are looking for people age 30 and over of character; those who understand what respect is, what boundaries are, what it means to not value drama over reason, those that are looking for a place to make friends and call home, those that are interested in growing with a group of people as gamers and as people, those that are not as interested as what loot they receive as the person that helped them get it in the first place, those that value people over objects, those that value friendship over items, those that have a good sense of humor, those that are mature minded, those that feel this is the place they have been looking for...and probably for quite some time.

7. How do I join The Last?

We encourage you to do three major things. First, register and fill out an application from the front page. Secondly, post here in our forums, get to know people - we're quite friendly. Thirdly, get to know people in game and see just how The Last works together and plays together, so to speak, as a team. Get to know us, let us get to know you, and we're off.

8. What is The Last's Loot Policy?

Simply put, be generous with your time, loot, resources. We do not expect everything from everyone, just help each other out. Don't be a greedy and selfish person. What you put into the guild will more than certainly come back to you at least threefold over time. If we all grow better equipped in a game through generosity, we will be able to enjoy the game on many different levels, attract those that see that an "all for one and one for all" mentality is quite alive here at The Last, and we'll also be able to thwart any worries about loot along the way.

Keep what you need, share what you can, give of your time, help those who need when you can.

9. What do you consider Generosity?

Generosity is quite simply the act of giving to others selflessly, with no expectation of reciprocation.

10. Is The Last a raiding guild?

No, not in the traditional sense of what a raiding guild is, the requirements that raiding guilds keep on their membership and the stressors that are put on the membership to keep up their raiding requirements.

11. Will The Last raid?

Yes, if the opportunity presents itself we will raid, but not on an ad nauseum basis for farming purposes. We can and will do anything in a game that is presented to the population for content, but there will never be any kind of requirement to do so here.

12. What kind of loot/dkp system does The Last use?

We do not use any kind of points system or DKP. The founders all have significant experience with these systems and will not use them any longer and have not for quite a while now. The system we use is generosity. Give of what you have to help others and others will help you. We do not expect anyone to put themselves in hock in any particular game, just be generous and give what you can to the guild. Rare items that one cannot use should be offered up to the guild first before getting rid of them. If one is considered to not be a generous member (which comes in many categories and not just loot, so if one does not have much to contribute in one area, they may have more in another) then they will ultimately not be a member of The Last's family. In essence we share with each other to enhance each other's good time - much like bringing plenty of drink to the party so that everyone can have fun...and everyone else doing the same.

13. What are your thoughts on alts?

One may have as many alts as they wish, but all characters (mains and alts) must be guilded to The Last. In any game that we have an active chapter, all alts of a person must be in The Last.  If we do not have an active chapter in a game, one can be in another guild if they so choose, but remember that we will require you to bring all of your characters over if we do move to that game.  We are looking to build our community with those that have an interest in this community for the people and camraderie, not just those looking for items or what a guild can give them in return. This is a selfish behavior and is not part of what we are about at all.

14. What are The Last thoughts on Player vs Player (PvP)?

We, at The Last, have a distinct message we would like to promote within our guild and to other guilds and gamers that we interact with. We believe in fair gaming. We do not tolerate griefing of ANY sort. Simply put, we define griefing as any action within a game that will cause the person on the other side to have negative opinions of The Last. If you are looking for a PvP guild, please do not apply to The Last as you will find yourself disappointed and alone.

There are those in The Last that enjoy fair PvP, keeping in mind the entire time that this is a game which should be played by rules, not an actual war in the real world, and within these MMO’s you will find some of our members participating in PvP activities on occasion. However, within current MMO’s you will not find The Last on a PvP only server.



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February 19, 2019, 10:05:37 pm

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